We can supply complete AudioDev CATS DVD analyzers with up to four testers per system, fully refurbi..
€0.00 EUR

Druck Pressure Transducer LPM8381-E031.Range 0 to 100 mbarSupply 16 to 30 VDCOutput 0 to 10 V0109050..
€128.50 EUR

Asco Joucomatic Proportional Valve 833-354001060.Aluminium body, G1/4 ports0-10 Volt setpoint input0..
€143.50 EUR

Oppermann Differential Pressure Switch 930.80Range 20 to 200 PaDifferential 10 Pa..
€19.80 EUR

Baumer Electronic Pressure Transmitter PRRD D001.S70.C210.0 to 1 bar range...
€131.00 EUR

UV Technik UV Lamp Electronic Power Supply ALP51.Output power 500 to 5000 W, 1.5 to 15 AAnalog power..
€570.00 EUR

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 System Relay Output Module 1746-OW16.16 N/O Outputs5 to 125 VDC, 5 to 265 VAC ..
€32.50 EUR

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Digital Input Module 1746-IB32.32 inputs, 15 to 30 VDC..
€30.80 EUR

Minarik Regenerative DC Drive RG400U.230 VAC supplyMax armature current 10A0 - 180 VDC armature volt..
€146.00 EUR

Pepperl + Fuchs K System Isolated Switch Amplifier KHD2-SS1/Ex2..
€71.20 EUR

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 System CPU 5/01, 1747-L5111K user memory8ms program scan time2.6ms I/O scan ti..
€61.40 EUR

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Power Supply 1746-P2.120/220 VAC input5A, 5VDC back-plane output..
€83.20 EUR

Berger Lahr VRDM 5913/50 LVC stepper motor with encoder and brake.5 phase, 3 amps, 1 ohm, part num..
€477.00 EUR

Sony Colour CCD Camera DXC-930P.Available with or without Canon PH15X7B 7-105mm zoom and macro len..
€374.00 EUR

Advanced Energy MDX Pinnacle 3152352-103C.8 kW ouput 400 VAC input Profibus interfaceRemove..
€2,650.00 EUR

Bosch KHZ Series Short-stroke Cylinder 0 822 010 616.16mm bore 40mm stroke Double acting Magn..
€37.30 EUR

AudioDev CATS Analyzer System with 4 Testers.This system will be supplied fully refurbished by Aud..
€0.00 EUR

Bucher or Truninger Hydraulic Internal Gear Pump QX43-020/R BIMDisplacement 20.4 cm³/rev Contin..
€2,150.00 EUR

Mannesmann Rexroth Analog Amplifier VT 5041-21/3-0D.External control card for hydraulic axial pist..
€539.00 EUR

Brand New Leybold Trivac D 16 B Vaccum Pump.Pumping speed 16,5 m³/h Ultimate pressure < 2 x ..
€2,700.00 EUR

Complete AWM 3.2 CD Mould in good condition.34 mm stamper ID.Well maintained and ready for produ..
€5,400.00 EUR

Vero 136-010840G Monovolt PK60 FKK Power Supply.15V 4A ..
€130.00 EUR

Festo Valve Manifold BMFH-3-3-M5Three 3/2 way valves 24 VDC coils G 1/8 manifold ports M5 val..
€58.80 EUR

Festo SLS-10-10-P-A 170492 Mini Slide Cylinder.Bore 10mm, Stroke 10mm, side mounted slide bearing...
€155.00 EUR

Omron C200H-IM212 Digital Input Module.16 x 24 VAC/DC inputs. ..
€45.00 EUR

V7-BHP-19 Amplifier for STM Micro SensorsPNP output, M8 connector.Binder 719 sensor connector...
€78.40 EUR

Axxicon Ejector Pin P000934/03 for S MouldsOld part number DDA027BA/03 ..
€274.00 EUR

Festo CPV10-M1H-2X3-GLS-M7 Solenoid Valve 161416.For type 10 valve terminals 3/2 valve, closed,..
€56.50 EUR

Netstal Discjet, Lever for Shut-Off Nozzle 117.862.2322Old part number 117.862.2150..
€136.00 EUR

Balzers TPG 100 Multi Pirani Meter, for connection of up to 8 TPR 010 gauge heads. ..
€409.32 EUR

Festo LFMA-1/2-D-MIDI Micro Filter 162646.Filtration to 0.01 µm Efficiency 99.9999% G1/2 conne..
€63.70 EUR

Singulus 32600239 Center Pin for UV Table, 14.99mm diameter. ..
€48.90 EUR

Leybold TV360 Turbo Pump, 360 litres/second flow rate. DN 100 ISO-K/DN 25 KF, water-cooled.NOTE: T..
€2,150.00 EUR