Netstal Servo Valve Output Amplifier Card HVC 110.240.5299c ..
€135.00 EUR

We can supply complete AudioDev CATS DVD analyzers with up to four testers per system, fully refurbi..
€0.00 EUR

Druck Pressure Transducer LPM8381-E031.Range 0 to 100 mbarSupply 16 to 30 VDCOutput 0 to 10 V0109050..
€128.50 EUR

Asco Joucomatic Proportional Valve 833-354001060.Aluminium body, G1/4 ports0-10 Volt setpoint input0..
€143.50 EUR

Berger Lahr VRDM 5913/50 LVC stepper motor with encoder and brake.5 phase, 3 amps, 1 ohm, part num..
€477.00 EUR

Sony Colour CCD Camera DXC-930P.Available with or without Canon PH15X7B 7-105mm zoom and macro l..
€374.00 EUR

Advanced Energy MDX Pinnacle 3152352-103C.8 kW ouput 400 VAC input Profibus interfaceRemove..
€2,650.00 EUR

Bosch KHZ Series Short-stroke Cylinder 0 822 010 616.16mm bore 40mm stroke Double acting Magn..
€37.30 EUR

AudioDev CATS Analyzer System with 4 Testers.This system will be supplied fully refurbished by Aud..
€0.00 EUR

Bucher or Truninger Hydraulic Internal Gear Pump QX43-020/R BIMDisplacement 20.4 cm³/rev Contin..
€2,150.00 EUR

Mannesmann Rexroth Analog Amplifier VT 5041-21/3-0D.External control card for hydraulic axial pist..
€539.00 EUR

Brand New Leybold Trivac D 16 B Vaccum Pump.Pumping speed 16,5 m³/h Ultimate pressure < 2 x ..
€2,700.00 EUR

Complete AWM 3.2 CD Mould in good condition.34 mm stamper ID.Well maintained and ready for produ..
€5,400.00 EUR

Balzers dual electronic cards BG 558 809-S / BG 558 810-S position 3A101/1. ..
€169.37 EUR

Leybold metaliser SSV sputtering power supply, component card BK01 position E24 ..
€47.05 EUR

Festo ADVULQ-20-25-A-P-A-S20 156162 Compact Cylinder with Square Hollow RodBore 20mm, Stroke 25mm,..
€82.70 EUR

Berger Lahr RDM 596/50 A stepper motor,5 phase, 1.25 amps, 2.1 ohms1206304500 ..
€211.47 EUR

Gefran Rodless Linear Transducer PK M 150 L XL0181.4 pin connector, 150mm useable measuring stroke.N..
€195.00 EUR

Lust MC7402 Servo DrivePosMod3.0, C11, SN2Software v3.35CS FDD3 ..
€425.00 EUR

Omron Diffuse-Reflective Fiber Optic E32-D24.Side view 2mm Diameter 2m long..
€38.25 EUR

Sensorik Capacitive Level Sensor SK1-15-M18-P-nb-S-MS-Y2.PNP NO contactM18 bodyM12 connector..
€66.20 EUR

Balzers IMG 300 Ion Gauge Controller. Modular design allows fitting of different combinations of mea..
€1,082.09 EUR

Siemens CPU922 Central Processing Unit 6ES5 922-3UA11...
€594.00 EUR

Nordac Compact Inverter SK2200/2 NC 77022020/96.Motor: 2200W / 3HP ..
€290.00 EUR

Phoenix Contact Software Adapter Cable ELR-KAD-RS232 2963653With ELR-CONF-WIN-2.0 Configuration Soft..
€55.65 EUR