Industrial optical measurement systems

We supply top quality optical test and measurement systems, designed and produced in Europe.


Inline systems and offline equipment for production control and development of Organic LED layers and stacks.
Compart supplies a range of products to check all types of organic and inorganic layers for any type of OLED stack, from 3 nm to 500 nm thick.

OLED measurement system

Thin Film

Quality assurance and measurement systems for thin film layer thickness, reflectance, transmittance, colour and optical density.
Our products are suitable for use in laboratory and production environments.

Thin Film spectral measurement

Solar Thin Film

Inline and offline test and measurement equipment for thin film solar layers and stacks.
Our systems can measure all types of layers for any type of thin film solar stack.

Solar Thin Film layer measurement

Solar Wafer

Spectral and other optical measurement equipment for process control and optimization of wafer based solar cells.
Comparts supplies systems for multiple productions steps, including texturization, doping and coating.

Solar Wafer optical measurement

Lens & Opthalmic

Measurement of reflectance, colour and layer thickness on transparent and translucent curved surfaces.
Our systems are contactless and non-destructive.

Lens layer measurement system

Optical Disc

Inline and offline measurement systems to test physical parameters in optical disc production.
We supply a complete range of equipment for production and process optimisation of CD, DVD and BD.

Optical disc test systems

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